Every business starts off with a logo, a letterhead, a business card, and an email signature. These items can be on paper but have progressed to become electronic. The electronic business card is easily transferable within an app like Whats-app or through email.


The next step is to start building an online presence with a website which is used to present information to consumers of what your business is about. A website can be a simple landing page with basic information, or it can be a detailed company overview with an eCommerce website attached.


With every website plan a business needs a domain name, an email address, and some added security. We call this web hosting.


Social Media blogging and advertising is a great way to get your business into the market at a low cost. Social media packages will be available soon but in the mean time we are happy to quote you on any size job.

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Search engine optimization and advertising on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! is another method to draw consumers to your website. Using Google Adwords, Big Ads, and social media targeted advertising is another great way to find customers, and to build your brand.

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Business strategy, marketing strategy, and communication strategy are important to any business. Need help with a business plan? You thought right, you need a pro. Anthony Robinson holds a Master’s in Business and can absolutely guide you to success! All you have to do is ask!