Business in a Box


Business in a box is designed to get you started on your journey to success as quickly as possible. Brand your business with a logo, business card, website, and much more.

To start a business you need an idea. Maybe you are starting with a business plan. Next up you need to build a brand. In building your brand you need to give consumers access to information about you, your products, and your services.

Your logo is a quick way for consumers to recognize your brand. This recognition doesn’t happen over night but it develops with proper marketing and solid quality of service and product. Your website informs people of your product or service and can also allow people to purchase service and products using eCommerce tools.

As we move further into the electronic era, we find that traditional business cards are becoming electronic business cards. See more about our business packages by clicking the button.

Website & Design Services


No matter how big or small your website needs are we can build it, host it, code it, expand it and market it. Our website packages include stand alone WordPress websites which you can work on from the back end. These affordable WordPress sites give you a small hosting space to run your email but enough power to incorporate a website builder, and the ability to run an eCommerce store. Perfectly managed and upgrade-able.

ZA-PC partners with hosting firms that offer self managed servers which enable you to use website builders, one-click install applications, eCommerce shopping carts, and much more. We can give you the option to design your own website or we will design it for you. We are also partnered with professional programmers who can take your existing websites and make them do just about anything you want. Our systems offer CRM applications, database systems, customer support modules, and much much more! Click below for our starter packages.


Technology Health & Security


Your computer, tablet, phone, network, and data security is just as important to you as it is us. We offer packages that enable us to monitor your systems. All our monitoring is in real time but there are a few differences in how we approach it based on what you need and feel comfortable with.

We can monitor your technology remotely and receive notifications when actions are flagged across your devices and networks. Once we get the notification we will call you let you know what we know and request permission to log in remotely and fix the problem. Along with this type of program we will schedule regular maintenance and backup of your systems so backups are held securely offsite.

More intense monitoring is also available. We can monitor email activity, browsing activity, network activity, and pretty close to anything that includes data transfer on any device or network, onsite or remotely. Live monitoring of desktop activity is also available where needed for individuals and businesses.

Social Media & Marketing


Lets get the word out on what you are doing. This can be for products, services, or your intent to run for Miss India or Miss United States!

We start with the simple approach of creating a social media presence which will include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. Your consumer reach is largely dependent on social media today.

Social media marketing requires frequent posts and consumer outreach. Not all business owners have the time or knowledge to achieve results within social media. That is what we are here for. We market your information to groups of people within the region of your target market.

Search engine marketing and ranking is another way to guide consumers to your online presence. Click the button to see more about our packages.